Today’s semi conductor technology trends in the tremendous cost reduction and performance improvements have enabled the creation of highly intelligent computation platform that can be used in every day industrial applications. This technology not only is capable of executing complex algorithms but also provides remote data monitoring, web connectivity, global enterprise connectivity in addition to distributed control, distributed data logging, and most importantly distributed intelligence.

Whether you need to build a full-scale industrial automation and control system or just monitor a few dozen I/O points for historical collection, Distributed Control empower you to reliably control the system, view real-time and historical data, configure alarms and events, set up security on your applications, easily network devices and log data to a historical database.

In Fuel Distribution Stations, monitoring, control, security, data logging and decision making processes can be very complex. Distributed Control helps managing these events more efficiently. It gives you the ability to reduce administrative overhead, process sales, monitor different parameters…
In order to choose right products that match customer needs we choose National Instruments software and hardware. NI LabVIEW is an industry-leading software tool for designing test, measurement, and control systems.